Properties are a single web property or application that you would like to display ads on.

Creating a property

  1. Navigate to the Publisher application by hovering over the app switcher to the right of the ContextCue logo, and selecting "Publisher"

  2. Hover over "Add" near the top left, then select either "App" or "Site"

  3. Fill out the following information

    1. Name

    2. Hostname or App Identifier

      1. The hostname should look like ""

      2. The app identifier should look like "com.ContextCue.ExampleApplication"

    3. Minimum CPC

  4. Click Add

What is the minimum CPC used for?

The minimum Cost Per Click ensures that we only show ads on your website when you think it's worth it. For example, if you'd like to only show ads that pay at least $0.10 per click, then you'll want to enter "0.10" for the minimum cost per click.

What happens if no ad is available to be displayed?

Depending on if your property is an application or a website, there are different ways to react to an unfilled ad slot. You can find more details on the implementation pages.