All ContextCue accounts are a part of an organization. An organization can consist of one account or hundreds. It's up to you to determine the structure that works for you.

What is an Organization?

An organization is a collection of accounts that all share the same data.
Example: If Corey and Bri are a part of the same organization and Corey creates a new campaign, that campaign will also appear when Bri signs in to ContextCue.

What information is shared within an organization?

Currently, everything that is created by a user in an organization is visible by all users in that organization who have permission to view that information. See permissions for more information.

How do I create an organization?

An organization is automatically created for you when you create a new ContextCue account by following the registration steps.

Who is my ContextCue administrator?

By default, the first person in the organization is what we call the ContextCue administrator. They have permission to access everything in the account. If you'd like to change the ContextCue administrator (or add a second one), simply add the "Admin" role to an additional user.