Frequently asked questions
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How does ContextCue work?

ContextCue algorithmically matches ads created by advertisers to the content on a publisher's website through a real-time bidding process. This ensures that we serve relevant ads based on real-time demand for that ad space–all without violating the user's privacy.

What data does ContextCue collect?

We collect as little data as possible, however there are some things that we need to collect in order to provide our service. This data includes IP address, browser user agent, the user's timezone, when the ad was requested, and when the ad was interacted with. We collect this information to continually monitor and prevent fraud on the network.
You can find our full privacy policy here.

What data does ContextCue not collect?

Companies like Google and Facebook use these techniques to track users across most of the internet, even if they have never accepted to the Terms and Conditions of their services.

Why are we building ContextCue?

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right–but we also believe that businesses should be able to monetize their work by showing advertisements. These two things don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Who is ContextCue for?

ContextCue is for both publishers and advertisers who want to respect their customers right to privacy. Publishers shouldn't have to sell their users to big, greedy corporations, and advertisers should be able to grow their businesses without ethical privacy concerns.

How much does ContextCue cost?

ContextCue puts you in control of your spending. As an advertiser, you'll only spend what you've deliberately added to your account balance. We've implemented daily campaign limits, as well as total campaign limits, to ensure you spend only what you want.
Nothing! Publishers make money by hosting ethical ads on their site. As a publisher, you can also advertise your business with ContextCue, all without having to transfer money to different services.

What is our Privacy policy?

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